Our Story

My Journey into Design

I started my journey into design in my late 20’s but I have always been interested in Fashion for as long as I can remember. As a little girl, I had notebooks full of sketches, Barbie dolls dressed in fabric scraps and endless raids into my grandmother’s closet, fishing out custom pieces she’d had made by local village dressmakers. After working as a nurse for several years, I decided it was time to pursue my lifelong dream. So I plunged headlong into Fashion, taking a short course at a Fashion school in Manila, and its been an adventure of all sorts ever since.


The Brand

The Audrey Albason brand supports responsible luxury by making use of locally sourced materials and collaborating with local artisans. As a native of Iloilo- the textile capital of the Philippines – Albason incorporates local weaves into her designs- materials such as handwoven Miag-ao Hablon and fine Pineapple silk from Aklan. The Panay island (where Iloilo is located) is also known for exquisite Abaca fiber, Rattan weaves and Capiz shells- perfect complements that add an unmistakable Filipino texture to the brand.  The Audrey Albason is a brand that speaks to the modern woman in a contrasting medley of the classic and the contemporary. We revel in silhouettes that are feminine, interesting and sometimes eccentric- matching these with handcrafted details and embellishments. Partnering with our brides and muses, we create clothes that celebrate women in all shapes and forms.


Our Commitment

The fashion industry is one of the major polluting industries in the world. Aside from making use of more sustainable materials such as pineapple silk and banana fiber, our brand seeks to do much more. To curtail overproduction that leads to wasted CO2 and excess garments being landfilled or burned, we craft everything to order. We commit to a more responsible fashion industry by offering a contemporary collection of made-to-order essentials and bridal wear for the modern woman.